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Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir is the ‘Voice of Sound’ for McIntosh

(Via Campaign Live)

The short film, created by CONVICTS, celebrates the history of sound and music.

Music has resonated with people for generations, and it’s all thanks to the birth of sound.

Audio equipment brand McIntosh revisited the genesis of sound — from the Big Bang to modern sound production — straight from the source. The Voice of Sound, voiced by Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir, reflects on its presence around “10,000 ancient campfires” to the “saxes and trumpets of Harlem.” 

“I sung wonder into the ears of a child,” Weir says as a kid plays the piano. In another clip, an older couple dances jovially showing how music can “make the old feel young again.”

As people enjoy the tunes and make their own music, McIntosh products are right by their side, powering unforgettable moments.

“I invent and reinvent myself to share the joy I know and spread the truth I’ve found,” Weir says. “That the world is a dance, a rhythm, the tune of evolution.That life is a song, and I am sound.”