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McIntosh Group’s Fine Sounds Acquires Rotel Electronics

(Via CEPro) The McIntosh Group’s Fine Sounds will distribute the Rotel brand in the U.S. and LATAM regions. Rotel is now a member of the Fine Sounds Americas family of brands. Fine Sounds has been appointed as the new U.S. and LATAM distributor for Rotel Electronics under the McIntosh Group umbrella. Fine Sounds‘s acquisition of Rotel is a strategic step…
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Andrew Quint of The Absolute Sound Reviews Olympica Nova III

Andrew Quint from The Absolute Sound reviewed the Olympica Nova IIIs loudspeakers starting from the design, the aspect that passed the hardest test: the approval of his wife. The Olympica Nova III are real pieces of furniture, elegant with a strong visual appeal perfect for any home decor thanks to their many finishes available. The review proceeds…
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Origin of an Icon: The McIntosh MC275 Tube Amplifier

(Via Wall Street Journal) Devotees of McIntosh—the audio giant recognized for amping up Woodstock and rousing the Grateful Dead’s "Wall of Sound"—might be surprised by its back story. Its founders’ first triumph: figuring out how to transmit the hold-music Chicago residents heard while waiting for an operator to connect their calls. Sensing their powerful amps…
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