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Andrew Quint of The Absolute Sound Reviews Olympica Nova III

Andrew Quint from The Absolute Sound reviewed the Olympica Nova IIIs loudspeakers starting from the design, the aspect that passed the hardest test: the approval of his wife. The Olympica Nova III are real pieces of furniture, elegant with a strong visual appeal perfect for any home decor thanks to their many finishes available.

The review proceeds with a praise of the improvements between the first and second version of this collection: “Thought the general look of the new Olympica hasn’t changed much, the structure of the enclosure has advanced considerably over the original series.” Particularly appreciated is the wood and aluminum methodology and assembly technique: “The cabinet is now fabricated from eight layers of bended wood set into an aluminum “exoskeleton”, a methodology that has trickled down from the pricier Homage and Reference lines. This woodworking technique results in a very rigid cabinet, and strategic internal bracing further increases the strength of the enclosure.”

Andrew Quint highlighted the exceptional workmanship of the cones, the tweeters with DADTM technology and the extreme ease of connection.

A special mention goes to the protective string grille that has no bad effect on the sound: “Sonus faber’s ingenious version of a grille, a long-time feature of the manufacturer’s products, continues with the last Olympicas. […] another design element that evokes a musical instrument. […] they are sonically transparent an any “real” grille I’ve come across.”

The use of leather is another distinctive element that has a double function that combines function with design, as Paolo Tezzon explains: “Honestly, the leather surely has a strong aesthetic impact in the Nova design and it’s powerful display of our artisan tradition. But it is also true that it works as a decoupling element and provides its own special contribution to the tone of our speakers.”

The listening test performances are extraordinary, the musical instruments are enhanced by the Olympica Nova IIIs which make them stand out one by one, their sound is natural and clear regardless of the musical genre you choose. Olympica Novas are fast and faithful!

Andrew Quint is thrilled: “The Sonus faber Olympica Nova IIIs are beautiful, alright, but beauty is way beyond skin deep.”

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